Find Shot First

FindShotFirst is a movie quiz bot. Follow @FindShotFirst on Twitter to play. New snapshot every 30 minutes.

Rules: You have 15 minutes to reply when a snapshot is sent. Just reply the title of the movie.
5 minutes before the time is up, a clue is given. The first to reply the correct title without clue gets 5 points, 3 points with the clue and next ones get 1 point.

Top of the Day Top 50 of the Month Top 50 of All Time
# Avatar Player Location Score
1 Avatar Jeanne-Marie Lyga Long Island, New York 20 (+5)
2 Avatar Sandwich Man Lagrangeville, NY 10
3 Avatar Paul Avery Albuquerque 9
4 Avatar ELab 8
5 Avatar Michel Muñoz Ciudad de México 5
6 Avatar Richard M Monkey Island 5